Our¹ way of thinking

In todays globalised world economy very few enterprises can afford to offer their products exclusively to a local or regionally limited market. Globally acting firms and particularly corporate groups produce and distribute their products and services worldwide. As a result thereof, they achieve synergies and economies of scale which lead to a more efficient way of doing business. SMEs cannot evade this competition and consequently are de facto also forced to act globally.

¹Disclaimer: In accordance with LEXPORTATEUS Legal Croudworking-approach, LEXPORTATEU is not employing attorneys at law at its own account. In jurisdictions exceeding the laws of the European Union, German, Spanish and Austrian law or the legal areas as described below under Our Services, we collaborate with external teams built by lawyers or other service providers on a case-by-case basis. As a consequence thereof, the pronouns “us” or “our” contained on this website are not to be understood as statements regarding the size of our business or the number of own employees or staff, but refer exclusively to the external collaboration with these external teams. None of such team members is a shareholder of LEXPORTATEU.  


The globally available virtual law firm with a unionwide focus for multinational corporations and corporate groups.²

²Disclaimer: Despite the fact that due to our virtual business model we are able to render services to clients worldwide and to maintain a smooth communication via digital communication tools on a personal basis and based on mutual trust , rendering our services across the borders even to clients located remotely, we hereby expressly point out that LEXPORTATEU exclusively covers the legal areas mentioned below under Our Services in the jurisdictions of the Union Law, German, Spanish and Austrian Law by its own. Consequently, the contents offered on this website are exclusively destined to these legal areas and jurisdictions. If required, other legal areas and jurisdictions may be covered by external teams on a case-by-case basis (see below Teams). As a consequence thereof, in latter areas LEXPORTATEU is acting by way of exception and only in individual cases, without any substantial commercial effects on the respective local law markets.

Our Services

LEXPORTATEU´S core focus lies on providing advice on all company-law aspects related to domestic and in particular cross-border corporations and corporate groups.

Legal Croudworking

LEXPORTATEU is based on an innovative, highly specialised Legal Croudworking-concept.