is based on an innovative, highly specialised Legal Croudworking-concept.

Croudworking is commonly defined as a virtual call for tender for services normally provided by employees to a usually undefined large number of persons via an open call and the subsequent virtual collaboration and performance ad hoc of an individual work or service by multiple persons without any physical kind of collaboration and without relying on given organisational structures.

Studies conducted in the USA and practical experiences have shown that this new form of collaboration is also performing well for more complex products such as engineering services (vide https://ecorner.stanford.edu/flash-teams/). Amongst other things, the main advantages of Croudworking lie in the fact that results are not only produced in a more efficient and cost saving way, but also quicker. In addition, collaborating in a remote way overcomes the problem that for certain tasks, highly specialised experts are simply lacking in a local market.


is based on an innovative, highly specialised Legal Croudworking-approach.


For coordinating Flash-Teams, we apply internal software tools nowadays available for these purposes, and by this way ensure the fast and smooth teamwork withing our Flash- Teams.

For more complex projects, we can consult external project managements teams in order to spare resources.

Due to the high complexity of the law of international corporate groups and corporations, for LEXPORTATEU this aspect represented the prevailing reason for offering its services in this way.  Although usually LEXPORTATEU does not have the own manpower required for complex cross-border projects, if required, for each project we consult legal experts from other jurisdictions and legal areas depending on its individual needs and specific requirements. We use to arrange the required teams (so-called Flash-Teams) in each individual case by our own and keep on coordinating them during the entire project. Contrary to ordinary or common croudworking-approaches, characterised by anonymous public calls, LEXPORTATEU maintains an extensive network to renowned experts in most jurisdictions worldwide, and thus is able to tender specific calls at short term to the right people. This is how LEXPORTATEU ensures on the one hand the high expertise of the legal advice which we take for granted in each individual case and for each jurisdiction and legal area respectively concerned.

But on the other hand, this aspect shows once more the innovative and efficiency enhancing effects of our Legal Croudworking-approach. Because for each project, we refer exclusively to project teams ad hoc built on an individual basis by external experts, selected according to their experience and tariff structure, thus  ensuring that exclusively the experts strictly necessary for each individual project will be employed. This leads to a cost efficient project structure, because LEXPORTATEU does not employ its own attorneys at law, whose salaries would be payable also in times of inactivity, but rather uses exclusively external legal experts in the event and to the extent they match in the specific transaction, both concerning the quality of theirs services and their fee structure.

LEXPORTATEU┬┤s range of services also covers increasing at request the corporate law manpower of teams organised and guided by other law firms during transactions managed under their own responsibility.