Our¹ way of thinking

In todays globalised world economy very few enterprises can afford to offer their products exclusively to a local or regionally limited market. Globally acting firms and particularly corporate groups produce and distribute their products and services worldwide. As a result thereof, they achieve synergies and economies of scale which lead to a more efficient way of doing business. SMEs cannot evade this competition and consequently are de facto also forced to act globally.

To seal oneself off from the rest of the world will end up in falling behind in competition, and corporations behaving in such a way will hardly survive at long term. Current political tendencies in some regions of the world towards trade protectionism won´t change this situation permanently. Nowadays, most products and services are of such complexity that no single corporation in no State of the world is able to produce them solely in a competitive manner. And if some players step off the game, latter will continue and who drops out will lag behind and will be replaced economically and geostrategically.

¹Disclaimer: In accordance with LEXPORTATEUS Legal Croudworking-approach, LEXPORTATEU is not employing attorneys at law at its own account. In jurisdictions exceeding the laws of the European Union, German, Spanish and Austrian law or the legal areas as described below under Our Services, we collaborate with external teams built by lawyers or other service providers on a case-by-case basis. As a consequence thereof, the pronouns “us” or “our” contained in this website are not to be understood as statements regarding the size of our business or the number of own employees or staff, but refer exclusively to the external collaboration with these external teams. None of such team members is a shareholder of LEXPORTATEU.  

Our solutions

LEXPORTATEU is a globally available law firm run  on a virtual³ basis which faces this panorama, offering such global, efficient and quick solutions that are required by the present economic environment. Also law firms have to adjust to globalisation in order to be able to provide assistance to their clients to overcome the legal challenges deriving from this global landscape for the regulatory framework. 

Already nowadays, international law firms  offer these services at the required high quality and covering at least most relevant jurisdictions. Nevertheless, their way of working is still characterised by physical group offices, which leads to certain elevated fixed costs.4

With its innovative concept of a law firm based on Legal Croudworking, nevertheless focussing exclusively to some selected legal areas, LEXPORTATEU is occupying this market niche with its innovative concept of a law firm offering virtual legal advice without maintaining several physical offices. Our legal services too are offered by virtual means via Internet, email as well as the modern videoconference solutions nowadays available. As a result of this structure, we are available in all regions of this planet, and in addition we can offer our legal services at a competitive cost. Our availability on the global market for legal services enables us to specialise exclusively in our core skills of the cross-border, but also domestic5 company and corporate law, in particular in the field of the law of corporate groups. Being a boutique exclusively advising in few selected legal areas, we explicitly refrain from the approach of a full-service law firm, but we use our best efforts to provide our services pursuant to  the highest standards.

 ³Disclaimer: Of course, it is not possible to render our services virtually for such attorney activities that require a physical presence, such as for example court hearings, due diligences or negotiations not being held by virtual means, either due to a legal order or because one of the parties involved is insisting on a physical meeting, and LEXPORTATEU’s client has agreed to it. Nevertheless, due to the fact that LEXPORTATEU is primarily rendering extra-judicial services (in the context of contract drafting or the structuring of corporate groups), such cases occur only exceptionally.
 4Disclaimer: the statements made in this paragraph do note make reference to any individual identifiable competitors or certain groups of competitors. Due to the global reach of LEXPORTATEU , and the fact that our services are not restricted to a certain domestic legal market, on the contrary covering the law of the European Union, German, Spanish and Austrian law in the legal areas mentioned under Our Services, such a concrete comparison is neither possible, nor intended, nor shall the relevant trade circles interpret it in such a way. It is simply and solely intended to highlight the objectively existing advantages of a new business model (the offering of globally available legal advice via Legal Croudworking) by means of a so-called abstract comparison of business models.
5Disclaimer: LEXPORTATEU covers the legal areas mentioned under “Our Services” in the jurisdictions of German, Spanish and Austrian law as well as the law of the European Union. In other jurisdictions and legal areas, we consult renowned external legal experts via our Legal Croudworking-approach.

Our Legal Expertise

LEXPORTATEU was established by its sole shareholder, the attorney at law (Rechtsanwalt) Florian Deck.  He has a vast and long-standing experience advising over many years as a lawyer in the legal department of the holding of a global automotive supplier as well as in an international law firm in Frankfurt am Main. During that period, he was advising in parallel on European, German, Spanish and Austrian law, particularly in the areas of the law of corporate groups, general corporate law and M&A. He is a member of the German-Spanish and the Austrian-Spanish law association.

Due to his admittance as a German attorney at law (Rechtsanwalt) to the Bar Association of Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and as a Spanish attorney at law (Abogado) to the Bar Association of Madrid, he is able to represent clients in all legal proceedings before German and Spanish courts except the German Federal Court (Bundesgerichtshof) and the Spanish Supreme Court (Tribunal Supremo). In addition, he is registered as a European Lawyer (Eingetragener Europäischer Rechtsanwalt) with the Bar Association of Salzburg (Austria). In Austria, except for such legal proceedings where representation by a local attorney at law is strictly required (absolute Anwaltspflicht),  he is able to represent clients in legal proceedings.

He is entitled to advice in German, Austrian and Spanish law as well as the law of the European Union without restrictions.

He is business fluent in German, Spanish (officially sworn translator for the Spanish Language), English and French, both in word and in writing. In particular with respect to the German, Spanish and English language, he is able to draft any kind of legal documents covered by the legal areas and jurisdictions covered by LEXPORTATEU´s activity multilingually by its own, such as in particular articles of associations, resolutions, merger agreements and the respective reports. Therefore, consulting translators sometimes lacking the specific legal knowledge or the duty of coordination with external lawyers can be reduced. This avoids that different linguistic versions diverge.

Without prejudice of the above, LEXPORTATEU´s  collective knowledge and professional experience are fed primarily by the sophisticated teamwork of a huge number of external legal experts collaborating in specific projects on the basis of our Legal Croudworking-approach.